Turn the Day of Peace into a day of action, by taking a step to build peace on or around 9/21, and spreading the word broadly!


    Decide on an action to mark the International Day of Peace

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    Take up the Challenge by taking an action on or around 9/21

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Why Commit?

It’s an opportunity to affirm that peace matters, and that there are alternatives to the violence we see in the news every day.

It’s a moment to celebrate those who are working for peace in our communities and in our world.

And it’s a day to stand up and be counted!

This year, join the U.S. Institute of Peace as we mark our 30th anniversary year with the Peace Day Challenge!

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Peace in Action

Nancy Lindborg
Generation Change
Bruce MacDonald
Bill Fitz-Patrick
Audrey Warren
Middle Easy and North Africa Team Members
Andre Ball
Steven Ruder
Sheldon Himelfarb
Generation Change
Scott Smith
Sara Egozi
Generation Change
Rodney Hertz
Kelly Mader
Ellen Ensel
Amb. George Moose
Hodei Sultan
Ellen Ensel
Allison Sturma
Generation Change
Amb. William Taylor
Megan ChaChabalowski
Collette Rausch
Peter Loge
Maria Jessop
Lindsay Damiano
Generation Change
Abigai Appleton
Manal Omar
Moeed Yusef

Do it!

Ideas for Action
To learn more about peacebuilding in action, and to find ways to stay engaged beyond the International Day of Peace, visit www.usip.org

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